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meeting in c105 @ lunch

ASB interviews: Tuesday, April 25 @ Lunch in C105

Leadership is about being part of a vibrant community and promoting school spirit and inclusivity on campus!

Come out to learn more about how to be part of Homestead ASB!


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During the month of February, Homestead's Choir Team will be selling Valentine's Grams, so don't forget to buy some for your friends and teachers! We will also be updating the website and the ASB Instagram page with more information about the Battle of the Classes event and the Disability Awareness week coming up in March, so be on the lookout for more information regarding that. The ASB class also plans to install a community calendar next to C105 with all the latest news and upcoming events. This will make sure everyone is caught up with the school news and is updated on the school events and activities!


This month we will be hosting various events on campus. These events include Multicultural Week, Beyond the Blue, Battle of the Classes, and an event with the American Heart Association! We will also be hosting meetings about the upcoming ASB elections! For more information go to the "Updates" tab. ASB is still working on installing a community calendar next to C105 with the latest events and news. Be on the lookout for more information regarding upcoming events which will be posted on the ASB website and on the ASB Instagram, @homesteadasb. Hope to see you at the events!!


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