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Monthly Bulletin

Semester One

November: ASB Is currently working on planning the 23-24 winter formal! More info about this event can be found on the Upcoming Events page. The Rally Commissioners are working on planning the approaching blacklight rally and are coordinating with a variety of groups on campus for potential rally performances. The ASB Secretary and Multimedia Commissioners are working on posting a club calendar/bulletin in the quad for easy access to club updates. The HOP Commissioners are working on planning a school-wide movie night so be on the lookout for more info!

December: ASB is working on planning the Blacklight Rally on 12/08 and the Winter Formal on 1/12. Please visit our Upcoming Events page for more information. The movie night will be taking place sometime during December so be on the lookout for any updates. We are still working on the club calendar for easy access to club meeting/event information. For more updates, the Student Council Minutes Tab includes individual updates from all our ASB officers. As the semester is wrapping up, on the behalf of all of ASB, good luck on finals and have a great break!!

Semester Two

January: Welcome back Homestead!! ASB kicks off the year with the annual Fantastics Rally between the 5 FUHSD schools at the Fremont Gym on 2/2. Students enjoyed a Winter Formal at Villa Ragusa on 1/12, with over 500 attendants. Class of 2026 hosted a merch sale fundraiser, and ASB has worked on spreading gratitude and kindness to give students and staff a warm welcome to the second semester. For more updates, visit our events page or ASB instagram.

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