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Homestead ASB consists of students working to to create a positive impact on campus. ASB officers and commissioners focus on schoolwide projects––together, we make up committees and tackle specific areas we’re passionate about.

Collectively, it’s our job to better your high school experience and make sure your voice is heard.


Transparency: Homestead ASB commits to reaching students through all forms of communication. We promise to make leadership more visible by opening up opportunities for you all to engage in the leadership process and be familiar with who we are and what we do. Finally we promise to make the leadership an open forum for students to provide their questions and feedback.

 Advocacy: Homestead ASB commits to advocating for the student body by addressing students' ideas and giving them convenient ways to get in contact with us. We promise to always address the questions that the student body gives us and follow up with the student. Finally we promise to work with the admin and meet them in the middle to try to have some of the events that the student body wants.

Amplify: Homestead ASB commits to being the voice of the student body, because ultimately, you all are who we are here to serve. We promise to be inclusive, empathetic, and dedicated to you all and constantly use your feedback and suggestions to improve ourselves and campus culture. 

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