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Resource Links

Club related forms are found on the clubs secionts

Library Book Checkouts

Step-by-step instructions for checking out library books, 5 book limit

Student Safety Report

Student Safety Report (SSR) is available for students to self-report safety concerns. Click the SSR form to access the google form and for more information on the process.

Fee Reduction Form

Financial assistance for students to purchase ASB Membership, AP Exams, PSAT, and Dance & Prom Tickets. 

Spanish Form

Mrs. Marugg

Contact Mrs. Marugg with questions pertaining to AP exam fees and the fee reduction form.

Athletics Registration

Contact the coach of your sport for more information on fall conditioning beginning 9/14. For more information on athletics registration, click the link below.

Student Parking Permits

Students who drive to school may only park in the student lot and must have a parking pass. There will be no charge for the parking passes but there must be a current pass displayed in a visible place on the front dash or window. To receive a parking pass, please complete the online

Local Opportunities

The College and Career Center has a document with all of the local opportunities that are emailed directly to HHS. Be sure to check them out for scholarships and other opportunities!

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