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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What specific work does leadership actually do?

    1. We do a wide range of work for school including planning significant events like fundraisers, dances, rallies, etc. Besides this, we are involved with decisions and affairs for the whole school through student council meetings and continuous work with administration during the school year.

    2. Feel free to take a look at our leadership website for more specific information that leadership students have done which is displayed on our share outs, as well as what particular decisions have been discussed at student council meetings through our meeting agendas/notes.

    3. All these materials are publically available, but if you have any other further questions regarding the work we do in leadership please do not hesitate to reach out to any members of the leadership classroom.

  2. What exactly is asb?

    1. ASB stands for “Associated Student Body” and our goal is to serve our student body equitably and as best as we can. Our vision is to make events as accessible to all students as possible and make sure to represent our student body in our positions.

  3. Where and how can I contact Homestead Leadership? Who are the members of leadership?

    1. Please check out our contact information document which includes all members of leadership as well as their respective positions and groups. Additionally, you can find all contact information in the right hand column.

  4. What is the difference between ASB and class officers?

    1. ASB serves the entire student body of Homestead while class officers are more particularly focused on their respective grade level, though they still contribute to whole-school service as well.

  5. How many people are there in leadership? How many positions and what types of positions are there?

    1. There are 46 total members of leadership (27 ASB and 19 Class Officers as of right now but this number will change every year)

    2. There are 5 positions available for class officer cabinet members for each grade level or “class”

  6. How can I learn more about the people of Homestead Leadership?

    1. Feel free to check out our website where we have a page with all of the faces of leadership and a couple fun facts about ourselves.

  7. What events is leadership holding right now? What’s going on at Homestead?

    1. To see what types of major events are being held by leadership right now, check out our master laminated calendar on the green poster board in front of the leadership classroom (C105) or go to this google calendar.

  8. How can I contribute and help out in events held by leadership?

    1. Please don’t hesitate to ever connect with leadership members if you would like to help out with planning or holding any events. We are completely open to any and all outside help and we love to hear others’ ideas/perspectives.

    2. One of the peak activities where a lot of the student body gets involved with and helps out with a ton is Homecoming. Anyone is open to coming out to our almost weekly homecoming float decoration parties at school throughout the months September-October. Come out to have fun decorating and socializing with us!

    3. Another activity that very commonly involves other students is BOTC (Battle of the Classes) where grade levels compete with each other during a week filled with fun activities, performances, games, and Mustang spirit. So be on the lookout for recruitment posts and email blasts for these activities if you are interested!



  1. How do I apply to become a club at Homestead?

    1. To become a club at Homestead you must go through the club application process which is outlined by our amazing club commissioners on our website here:

  2. How can I join a club in Homestead?

    1. To explore clubs you can view our list of clubs on this spreadsheet and check out where/when clubs are meeting on our club calendar.

  3. What exactly is club n’ grub?

    1. Club N’ Grub is a time filled with clubs selling delicious foods to raise money for themselves and socialize with members. From brownies to tamales, come out to have a good time and grub on some delicious foods :)

  4. What are the benefits to being a Homestead ASB recognized club?

    1. The benefits to being an ASB recognized club include

      1. Ability to receive club funding through ASB Club Grants.

      2. Ability to receive compensation for your club purchases through Reimbursement Forms.

      3. The use of facilities in hosting events and meetings.

      4. Multiple different avenues of advertising such as morning announcements, email blasts, and student bulletin

      5. Clubs can represent Homestead High School in outside events and have Homestead High School in their name.

    2. Clubs do not have to be ASB recognized by the school 

  5. Why do ASB recognized clubs have to follow ASB bylaws?

    1. The system is in place to make sure all ASB recognized clubs are active and interacting with the Homestead community

      1. If a club is inactive, ASB needs to figure out how to support the club.

    2. Additionally, we want to minimize confusion and be able to coordinate with our school's faculty.

      1. Facilitron is in place so that we make sure each club gets the space they book for.

    3. Again, clubs do not have to be ASB recognized!



  1. What is HOP day?

    1. HOP day is an opportunity for incoming freshmen and new students to tour homestead and connect with HOP leaders through interactive events and ice breakers. This is a chance to help integrate freshmen into homestead culture and experience what it is like to be a mustang before the school year officially starts! ***HOP Day for the 23-24 school year will be held on August 14 from 8:30-1. 

  2. How can I become a HOP leader/mentor? We hold interviews and applications to determine who would be the best fit to lead groups of incoming freshmen and new students.

  3. Who are the HOP Commissioners? Our fantastic HOP Commissioners are Cameron Siu, Anna Savage, 

  4. What does HOP stand for? Homestead Orientation Program

  5. What is HOP? HOP is homestead´s orientation program where we facilitate a smooth transition for incoming students and allow them to bond with HOP leaders through events throughout the year.



  1. What does EL do?

    1. Our Mission: To support the EL community at Homestead and to make sure that they feel included in school events as well as to spread cultural diversity on campus

    2. We host weekly ambassador meetings during tutorials where fluent English speakers are paired up with first year English learning students. We start the meetings with discussion questions, we have a word of the day, provide announcements, and then we end with an interactive activity.

    3. We are also responsible for planning multicultural week and night as well as other multicultural events which are designed to spread awareness about different cultures.

  2. What does ELD stand for?

    1. English Learning Department

    2. The EL Commissioners work under this department.

  3. Who are the EL Commissioners?

    1. There are 5 outstanding EL commissioners: Suprim Bhattarai, Chetan Kurkure, and 

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