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ASB Officers 2022-2023


Nikki Liu

ASB President

Dream Job: User Experience Designer

Interesting Fact: Loves to paint and draw! 

Goal for Leadership: Bring the Mustang community together through inclusive events and collaborate with clubs and initiatives on campus! 

Daniel Sung

ASB Vice President

Dream Job: Neurosurgeon 

Interesting Fact: Likes to put milk BEFORE cereal!

Goal for Leadership: Ensure that every student in Homestead finds their community, whether that be through the 80+ clubs or other school activities. 

Nicole Lee

ASB Secretary & Treasurer

Dream Job: My dream job would to become the POTUS

Interesting Fact: 90% of my brain is devoted to song lyrics

Goal for Leadership: My goal for this year is to continue working towards making Homestead's environment more inclusive and ensuring all students at Homestead feel comfortable being themselves on campus. I would also like to reach beyond Homestead's community and make an impact on issues that affect the world. This would be through my charity partnership idea, where for every ASB event, everyone has the opportunity to vote for a charity that they would like Homestead to represent and donate to. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out and ask!


Megan Ventura

ASB Social Manager

Dream Job: Physical Therapist

Interesting Fact: I would NEVER ever drive in silence

Goal for Leadership: My goal is to create great and hype events for the student body! I am so excited to find new ways to bring our community together.

Minnie Karki 

ASB Social Manager

Dream Job: Any job that I can be happy in/make a big impact!

Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about me is that I am a morning person and love waking up early to watch the sunrise!

Goal for Leadership: My goal for leadership this year is to truly be open to different ideas and changes that can be made to our regular system of working. I also want to be able to include more direct feedback and direction from the student body and use this to organize more meaningful and impactful events overall.

Kelsey Shan

ASB Public Relations Commissioner

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a children's book author and illustrator.

Interesting Fact: I have a fear of driving on highways

Goal for Leadership: My goal for leadership this year is to bring our Homestead community together through communication. I want the Mustang community to be equitable and inclusive and I hope to collaborate with clubs, admin, PTSA, and more to make the school year great!


Daniel Lee

ASB Public Relations Commissioner

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Interesting Fact: I am weirdly good at climbing things and interested in parkour

Goal for Leadership: My goals for leadership this year is to make sure that all of the student body is up-to-date on the events and information around our school. I also plan to provide the student body with an understanding of what the leadership class does behind the scenes!

Martin Wu

ASB IDC Commissioner

Dream Job: My dream job is traveling the world and country as a management consultant.

Interesting Fact: I have been learning the abacus since 1st grade!

Goal for Leadership: I am excited to mentor and support our next generation of leaders. I also hope to revitalize our traditional events with a dedication to every student.

Tejas Kurkure

ASB IDC Commissioner

Dream Job: My dream job is to be an astronaut.

Interesting Fact: I have never been camping.

Goal for Leadership: I am excited to hold school and district-wide events, including the Food Pantry, Charity Month, and Fantastics. Additionally, I hope to start new initiatives supporting equity and inclusivity. Looking forward to the year ahead!


Rishi Zamvar

ASB Rally Commissioner

Dream Job: mechanical engineer for big race team

Interesting Fact: i like to do flips💪🏽

Goal for Leadership: This year my biggest goal is to be as inclusive as possible in the rally and we want to make an experience catered not only to a small niche of students but to everyone at homestead.

Chloe Lu

ASB Rally Commissioner

Dream Job: Orthodontist

Interesting Fact: I have never been out of the country, but when I travel, I would love to go to Paris :)

Goal for Leadership: My main goal for the year is to form a connection with Homestead students by promoting communication throughout surveys, events, team spirit weeks and activities during the rallies!

Mariam Doss

ASB EL Commissioner

Dream Job: Doctor

Interesting Fact: I lived in three countries

Goal for Leadership: My goal for leadership this year is to to create a more welcoming environment to students and be more mindful of their opinions. I also hope to make EL students feel more connected in school and increase their participation.

Coming soon...

Yujiun Chen

ASB EL Commissioner

Dream Job: a job that allows me to travel to different countries

Interesting Fact: I love baking on my free time

Goal for Leadership: My goal for this year is to really help the EL students feel more connected to the homestead community and to build a tighter relationship between EL commissioner and the EL students

Karina Lim

ASB HOP Commissioner

Dream Job: CEO ;)

Interesting Fact: I have danced for 14 years.

Goal for Leadership: This year I want to make a difference in the lives of the freshman and help connect them with others and feel comfortable in the high school environment.

Megan Moyer

ASB HOP Commissioner

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a nurse practitioner.

Interesting Fact: Something weird about me if that I can wiggle my ears.

Goal for Leadership: This year I want to have a high attendance of students at our events, and make them as enjoyable as possible. I also want to help the team stay organized and on track so we can produce our best quality of work for the school and community.


Emily Jacquemin

ASB HOP Commissioner

Dream Job: Brain Surgeon

Interesting Fact: I used to live in Florida.

Goal for Leadership: As a HOP Commissioner, I hope to create a welcoming environment for freshman and allow them to feel connected with the Homestead community. I also plan to support the freshman not only at start of the year but throughout the whole school year through different events.

Bobby Gorelick

ASB HOP Commissioner

Dream Job: Advocate

Interesting Fact: I can unicycle!

Goal for Leadership: My goal is to facilitate a smooth transition for freshmen and new students and support our community return to in-person school. I also plan to advocate for students wants and concerns as well as contribute to building an antiracist school community.

Aditya Vij

ASB Tech Commissioner

Dream Job: NBA Player

Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about me is that I have played basketball since I was 7.

Goal for Leadership: My plan for leadership is to help rallies with music as much as I can. One more goal is to draw attention to events by creating eye-catching graphics.


Ethan Mahimainathan

ASB Club Commissioner

Dream Job: Don’t know yet

Interesting Fact: I’m colorblind

Goal for Leadership: My goal for leadership this year in a two words is inclusivity and equity. As we come back form a year and a half of distance learning I think we have a unprecedented chance to change the campus and it’s culture. This year will be a defining moment for many years to come and I will be making all my decision with equity and inclusion at the forefront of my mind.

Coming soon...

Elisabeth Floyd

ASB Club Commissioner

Dream Job: Cardiologist (I want to pursue medicine but I am still deciding what type of physician I want to become!)

Interesting Fact: I've played piano for ten years!

Goal for Leadership: This year, I aim to increase diversity, accessibility, and communication throughout our dynamic club community. I understand how powerful of a role clubs play in our school's journey towards inclusivity and my goal is for all students to feel welcomed and accepted.

Senior Class Officers

Class of 2021


Christine Hoy

Senior President

Dream Job: Dentist

Interesting Fact: I love Funyuns but they make me feel sad ☹️

Goal for Leadership: My goal for leadership this year is to maximize the amount of safe and fun events. These events will boost school spirit, bring the class together, and make up for all the time we lost. I will also expand class participation to ensure that everyone is involved in their final year of high school!

Junior Class Officers

Class of 2022


Josie Cho

Junior President

Dream Job: Dermatologist

Interesting Fact: I had the same piano teacher as the founders of Google and they actually played at my piano recital. I also played in front of A.Rod

Goal for Leadership: My plan is to hold events that Homestead students are excited for and make up for the lost student bonding last year. I also want to increase student participation in leadership affairs.

Sophomore Class Officers

Class of 2024


Grace McGoran

Sophomore President

Dream Job: My dream job is to be the CFO at Google.

Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about me is that I love to put chia seeds in my drinks.

Goal for Leadership: This year, I hope to organize several fun-filled events such as selling merch, having a popcorn day, holding a Gong Cha/Chipotle fundraiser, etc. I also hope to improve myself as a person by leading with kindness, inclusion, and responsibility. Overall, I'm super excited for not only what the Sophomore Class Officers are going to achieve, but also all of HHS ASB!

Freshman Class Officers

Class of 2024


Sophie Park

Junior President

Dream Job:

Interesting Fact: 

Goal for Leadership: 

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