ASB Officers 2020-2021


Nikki Liu

ASB President

Dream Job: User Experience Designer

Interesting Fact: Loves to paint and draw! 

Goal for Leadership: Bring the Mustang community together through inclusive events and collaborate with clubs and initiatives on campus! 

Daniel Sung

ASB Vice President

Dream Job: Neurosurgeon 

Interesting Fact: Likes to put milk BEFORE cereal!

Goal for Leadership: Ensure that every student in Homestead finds their community, whether that be through the 80+ clubs or other school activities. 

Taner Karaaslan

ASB Treasurer

Hi, I’m Taner and I’m excited to be working with you all this year. Even though school isn’t how we would’ve imagined it, I’m still going to do what I can to make sure Homestead life is still comfortable and fun for everyone. This year one of my goals was to increase transparency between myself and the student body so if you have any questions about what I do or how I can tailor my efforts towards you, feel free to contact me. Have a great year!

Favorite way to unwind: "I hang out with my friends whenever I need to unwind and relieve the stress of school."


Melody Chou

ASB Secretary

Hi! My name is Melody and I’m excited to serve as your ASB Secretary this year! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Favorite way to unwind: "I unwind by taking walks and hanging out with my friends"

Minnie Karki 

ASB Social Manager

Hasith Basnayake

ASB Social Manager

Hey! My name's Hasith Basnayake and I'm your ASB Social Manager. This year has gotten off to a strange start, but I'm still really excited to work with you all!

Favorite way to unwind: "Full disclaimer, I haven't actually done this, but you know how people put tomatoes on their eyes in the movies? Maybe it's cucumbers I'm not entirely sure, but I think that would be pretty nice. They put lotion on too, and they're also getting a massage. That would be dope. That's how I would unwind."


Grace Hendricks

ASB Public Relations Commissioner

Hey Homestead! I'm so excited to be one of your ASB PR Commissioners. This year I'm going to be running the ASB social accounts and website. Feel free to reach out any time throughout the year!

Favorite way to unwind: "Spending time with friends, hiking, and night drives with the music blasting."

Kelsey Shan

ASB Public Relations Commissioner

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey, and I am super stoked to be one of the Public Relations Commissioners. It’s part of my job to help Homestead stay connected, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to having an amazing year with all of you!

Favorite way to unwind: "I like to unwind by blasting music and painting."

Martin Wu

ASB IDC Commissioner

Hi Homestead! My name is Martin Wu, and I'll be serving as one of the Intra-District Council Representatives and the Intra-District Council President this year! This is my third year with leadership and I am so excited to be serving all of you this year! I am super passionate about school events and I love getting to meet all of you throughout the year. I look forward to an awesome year ahead and feel free to reach out to me for any questions about IDC/Leadership! :)

Favorite way to unwind: "I love playing tennis, traveling, listening to music, and drinking boba!"


Tejas Kurkure

ASB IDC Commissioner

Hey Homestead! I’m Tejas, and I’ll be one of your IDC Representatives. I love reading, watching movies, and playing piano. Despite these difficult times, I can’t wait to meet you all and I look forward to the upcoming year!

Favorite way to unwind: "My favorite ways to unwind are with tv and food."

Coming soon...

Ori Brutman

ASB Rally Commissioner

Hi! I’m Ori and I’m your rally commissioner for the 2020-2021 school year. I love basketball, making music, hanging out with friends, and traveling the world. Excited for an amazing year!

Favorite way to unwind: "I unwind by writing and performing music, and hanging with friends and family!"

Rishi Zamvar

ASB Rally Commissioner

Hi my name is Rishi and I am this years rally commissioner and I am looking forward to be working with you all this year to make it truly one to remember!

Favorite way to unwind: "I like to stream and play fortnite with my friends."

Connect with me on twitch:


Mario Pan

ASB EL Commissioner

I have been involved with the EL department my entire time in Homestead, so don't be afraid to come ask questions in regards about it.

Favorite way to unwind: "Wrap myself in a blanket, and start munching down anything in my sight."

Mariam Doss

ASB EL Commissioner

Hi everyone! My name is Mariam and I am so excited to be one of your EL Commissioners this year. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching movies. I am looking forward to an amazing year with all of you.

Favorite way to unwind: "I unwind by listening to music."

Subhokrity Banerjee

ASB EL Commissioner

Hello everyone, I am the EL Commissioner for 20-21 and my work requires me to collaborate with two other EL Commissioners and conduct the ambassador’s meetings.

Favorite way to unwind: "I put on a mask and get some sleep or stargaze."


Olivia Lee

ASB HOP Commissioner

Hey guys! I'm Olivia Lee an upcoming Senior. I am so excited to see what this year holds and am excited to spend one last year with the people that make me the happiest.

Favorite way to unwind: "I unwind by going on either a hike alone or a drive to the coffee shop or just a late night drive, where I can have my music playing."

Emily Jacquemin

ASB HOP Commissioner

Hi my name is Emily and I am a junior HOP Commissioner this year! I spend most of my time playing soccer and field hockey but this year I am super excited to be apart of leadership!

Favorite way to unwind: "I unwind by face timing my friends, watching tv and listening to music."

Bobby Gorelick

ASB HOP Commissioner

Hi everyone I'm Bobby and I am a junior HOP Commissioner. I love crystals, lush, and skincare by hyram. I go online shopping and FaceTime my friends in my free time.

Favorite way to unwind: "I take relaxing baths with lots of bath salts. I also use luxurious bath bombs and bubble bars. I also binge survivor whenever I can or need to relax."


Aakriti Adhikari

ASB HOP Commissioner

As a senior HOP Commissioner, my role is to guide HOP Leaders welcome Freshmen into the school year in order for them to have a smoother transition from middle school to high school as well as a better understanding of being a high schooler.

Favorite way to unwind: "I like to meditate and stretch."

Coming soon...

Ayush Satyavarpu

ASB Tech Commissioner

Hi, I'm Ayush! I organize the A/V for events and manage other technical things for ASB.

Favorite way to unwind: "I like to hang out with my friends and their dogs, watch YouTube, and exercise."

Ethan Mahimainathan

ASB Club Commissioner

Hello, My name is Ethan Mahimainathan and I’m your ASB Club Commissioner. We know this year will be tough and we don’t have any set date on when this challenge will end. This crisis is hurting a lot of clubs creating a storm of confusion and challenges. That is why this year I am focusing myself on increasing communication with clubs, optimizing the systems our clubs use and maximizing collaboration between clubs. This will be a challenging undertaking but it is worth it and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Favorite way to unwind: "through laughter"

Coming soon...

Senior Class Officers

Class of 2021


Trevor Burgess

Senior President

Hi guys! I know this year is off to a funky start but you should know that your officers are doing their best to find unique ways to celebrate our senior year. I can’t wait to see y’all again once this is over, and I’m looking forward to hopefully ending Senior year the right way!

Favorite way to unwind: "Spin the opposite direction."

Junior Class Officers

Class of 2022


Leor Porat

Junior President

Hey! My name is Leor. Some of my favorite things to do are play video games with my friends, play sports, and hang out with friends! I'm really excited for this new year and I'm looking forward to making it a really positive experience.

Favorite way to unwind: "Probably get on my PC and play some games with my friends."

Sophomore Class Officers

Class of 2023


Nicole Lee

Sophomore President

Hey everyone! My name is Nicole Lee and i’m the class of 2023 president. I play soccer and i’m a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. This is my second year in leadership and I love spending time with the people in the class. I can’t wait for this upcoming school year!

Favorite way to unwind: "To unwind, I go to the park and play soccer or field hockey and listen to music. I often go into my sisters room and bother her. I will also snack on junk food while watching Netflix."

Freshman Class Officers

Class of 2024


Grace McGoran

Freshman President

Hey Homestead! My name is Grace and I'm super excited to serve as your freshman class president this school year. I know many of you have not gotten to know us very well as your new class officers, however, I'm confident we can make this year awesome, despite the unexpected circumstances. I hope that we can host many fun events this school year, and get to know you all (the freshman class) better! I can't wait to serve/work with you!!!

Favorite way to unwind: " I love to play fetch with my mini aussie, Lilo, and take trampoline brain breaks :) "